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ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Dangerous Goods Module Page 6

Chemical contamination
  • Protect yourself.
  • Remove contaminated clothing.
  • Wash off area with recommended solvent (see tremcard).
  • Do not remove clothing.
  • Irrigate affected area with cold water for at least 15 mins.
Any time where there is an escape or may be an escape of dangerous goods. At the loading / unloading area Follow local rules or company procedure. On route
  • Inform emergency services.
  • Assist anyone affected, but avoid danger yourself.
  • Follow instructions on the tremcard.
  • Stay at the scene.
  • Keep people away.
  • Keep sources of ignition away.
  • Contain any small spillage, if safe.
  • Tackle any small fire, if safe.
After the incident report it to the operator who should also inform HSE.

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