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ADR Revision Package Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

ADR Package Module

ADR - Packages
For the regulations to apply to a package:–

  • The goods must appear in the Dangerous Goods List.
  • The packages must be above the limited quantity figures permitted for the goods.
  • The total load must be above the load threshold for the category of the goods.
Vehicle / Container Markings

The operator must supply the correct markings and the driver must use them. Itís an offence to display markings when the dangerous good are no longer present.

ADR Revision Package Module

A vehicle carrying packaged dangerous goods must display an orange plate to the front and rear. The plate must measure 300 mm high x 400 mm wide with a 15 mm black border.
When packaged good are carried in a container the container must display the correct placard(s) (diamond) on all 4 sides of the vehicle.

A Vehicle Placard or A package label
ADR Revision Package Module

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