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ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

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ADR Revision Package Module

Since the 10th May 2004 an orientation label is also used.
ADR Revision Package Module

Consignors are responsible for the use of approved packages.
Types of Package
  • Drums Steel, Plastic, Fibre. (Must be inspected just before filling).
  • Sacks Plastic, Fibre, Paper.
  • IBC Intermediate Bulk Containers also known as flo-bins, poly-bins used for liquids.
  • Gas Cylinders Steel mainly. Common EU standards introduced in 2004.
  • Composite Packages Combination of UN approved inner and outer packages.
  • Combination Packages A UN approved outer package containing other receptacles inside.

Packaging Groups

Group I = High Danger.
Group II = Medium Danger.
Group III = Low Danger.

Not all classes have packaging groups

Loading Stowage Unloading
  • The operator must ensure the vehicle is suitable.
  • Engines off.
  • Consider the need for segregation.
  • No smoking in the area (since 1997).
  • Suitable area for loading / unloading.
  • Damaged packages must not be loaded.
  • No vehicle overhang.
  • Spills must be cleaned up immediately.
  • Gas to be stored upright.
  • Large packages may need securing.

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