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ADR Revision Tanker Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Tanker Module

Goods can only be carried in a tank if they are in the tank section of the regulations. All tank vehicles are within scope.


A means of carrying liquids, powders or gases that is secure during transport.
Road tanker
A good vehicle that has a tank that is either:-

  • Attached to the frame of the vehicle.
  • Part of the vehicle.

Tank Container
Any tank other than a road tanker which is not permanently attached to the vehicle where the capacity is greater than 450 liters. (Smaller would be a package). Often attached by 4 twist locks. Dangerous Goods

  • Good that are in the Dangerous good list.
  • The list will show which are suitable for carriage in tanks.
  • Tank Containers are road-regulated while on the vehicle.
Containment Responsibilities
  • The operator is responsible for the use of a suitable tank and fittings.
  • Since 10/05/04 under ADR tanks manufactured must be approved for the substance.
  • The driver must ensure that other than loading and unloading the tank remains closed.

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