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ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Dangerous Goods Module Page 3

Vehicle Equipment
Operators must ensure vehicles are equipped with a minimum of:-
  1. Two fire extinguishers (see fire extinguisher section).
  2. Personal Protective Equipment (see PPE section).
  3. High visibility clothing for the driver and any other personal carried.
  4. First Aid kit plus any First aid remedies for that specific load.
  5. One wheel chock. (International journeys with either an artic or ridged and trailer 2 are required.
  6. Two self-standing warning devices i.e. Cones, triangles, amber flashing lights.
  7. A hand lamp. (Intrinsically safe if being used in a flammable environment).
Dangerous Wastes
  1. Carriers must be registered with the waist authority.
  2. A 5 copy Special Waist Consignment Note must be raised by the producer.
  3. The movement must be pre-authorised.
  1. No unauthorised passengers.
  2. No naked flame portable lighting.
  3. Driver not to open packages, except if authorised.
Health and Safety at Work.
All employers and employees have a statutory duty to ensure a safe working environment, for themselves and others that may be affected by their work. HSE act 1974 Personal Protective Equipment Minimum for working with dangerous goods:-
  • Eye protection. (Must comply with EN166).
  • Suitable gloves.
Additional PPE may be needed dependant on local rules and the goods being carried. i.e.:-
  • Full protective suit.
  • Hard hat.
  • Special boots.
  • Eye wash.
  • Antidote for some toxics.
  • Specialised First Aid kit.
  • Breathing protection.

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