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ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Tanker Module Page 3

Tank Fittings and Equipment
  1. Compartments – Tanks often subdivided.
  2. Baffles – To moderate the effects of content movement.
  3. Internal Valve – Keeps contents in tank if outer pipe work fails.
  4. Flexible Hoses – Used to connect up to the tank.
  5. Sealing rings – Between valves, lids etc.
  6. Pressure Gauge – Driver must ensure maximum pressure in not exceeded.
  7. Safe Bolt – On pressure tank to stop lid being opened if pressure remains inside.
  8. Pressure relief valve – To vent excess pressure.
  9. Vacuum relief valve – Lets air into the tank to prevent collapse under pressure.
  10. Burst Disc – Ruptures under extremes of pressure if pressure relief valve fails.
  11. Excess flow valve – Automatically shuts down if external hose fails.
  12. Emergency shut down – Remotely operated by the driver or loading staff.
  13. Contents gauge – For checking level of the contents.
  • Open or Top loading Through man hole on top of tank.
  • Closed Filling Not open to atmosphere – sealed – petrol tankers.
Before loading the driver must check:–
  1. The tank is suitable.
  2. It‚s clean from previous load (if necessary).
  3. Connecting pipes are also clean.
  4. Connections are properly made.
  5. Earthing for static has been made.
  6. The driver has the correct PPE.
  7. The vehicle is unable to move during loading.
  8. The driver knows the tank will not be over loaded.
It is the driver‘s responsibility to ensure everything is shut before starting the journey.

  1. Gravity – A simple method.
  2. Pump – A pump on the vehicle.
  3. Pressure – Most expensive¸ most versatile.
Before unloading the driver must check:–
  1. Connecting pipes are clean and suitable.
  2. Connections are properly made.
  3. Earthing for static has been made.
  4. Get ’Permit‘ to deliver.
  5. The vehicle is unable to move during loading.
  6. Check the receiving tank is correct¸suitable and has space.

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