ADR Course Parts

ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Tanker Module Page 4

Tank Vehicle Markings UK
A plain orange plate 400mm wide to the front border.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
300mm high x 15mm black
Emergency Action Code
Fire Code
  1. Coarse water spray
  2. Fine water spray
  3. Foam
  4. Dry agent
  • v–May react violently.
  • CPC–Fire crew needs full chemical protective clothing.
  • BA–Fire crew needs breathing apparatus.
  • Dilute–May be dispersed if no environmental impact likely.
  • Contain–Must be prevented from reaching drains, sewers etc.
An ‘E’on the end of the code suggests a possible public safety hazard.
  • P v CPC Dilute
  • R CPC Dilute
  • S v BA Dilute
  • T BA Dilute
  • W v CPC Contain
  • X CPC Contain
  • Y v BA Contain
  • Z BA Contain
Example below ‘2W’ would mean:-
  1. Use a fine water spray.
  2. In full chemical protective clothing
  3. Prevent it from reaching drains, sewers etc.
Emergency Action Code UN Number hazard.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
A one piece warning panel.

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