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ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Tanker Module Page 5

Or as separates
ADR Revision Tanker Module
Vehicle Requirements
    Emergency Diamonds
UN Number Action Code Placards Phone No.
Sides Rear Sides Rear Sides Rear Sides Rear
Tanker single load Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Tanker multi load Y   Y Y Y Y Y Y
Container single Y Y Y Y Y   Y Y
Container multi  Y   Y Y Y   Y Y

If there are 2 or more different hazards the placard must be shown on the same horizontal plane. When multi-loads are carried each compartment must display the UN number on each side.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
No UN number is shown to the rear.
The emergency action code should be shown to the rear.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
The one exception to this rule is for multi loads of petroleum fuels. These can be marked as a single load as long as the details shown are that for the lowest flashpoint product.

If a tank is carrying materials where the temperature is above 100’c this sign must be displayed next to all normal markings.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
Tank Vehicle Markings ADR
A plain orange plate To the front and rear.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
300mm high x 400mm wide 15mm black border

Multi load must be plain orange front and rear. Except for petroleum fuel multi load.

ADR Plates both sides if single load.
ADR Revision Tanker Module
Can be on front and rear in place of plain orange plate

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