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ADR Revision Core Module

ADR is an EU Directive.

It covers all vehicles.

Tanker Module Page 6

Placards each side and rear. 250mm x 250mm minimum
ADR Revision Tanker Module

The upper figures on the ADR plate are the hazard identification number (HIN) or ‘Kemler Code’

30 = Flammable liquid – 3 is the hazard class and ‘0’ is no more information
38 = Flammable liquid that’s also corrosive – 8 hazard class for corrosive.
33 = Highly Flammable liquid – Double numbers means double danger.
338 = Highly Flammable liquid and corrosive.

A ‘ 9 ’ at the end of the code indicates Extremely reactive.

An ‘ X ’ at the beginning mean that it will react dangerously with water.

339 = Extremely reactive highly flammable liquid.
X339 = Highly Flammable liquid that will react dangerously with water.

If a tank is carrying materials where the temperature is above 100‘c this sign must be displayed next to all normal markings.

ADR Revision Tanker Module

Maritime Markings for Tanks
  • Placards
  • UN number in either lower half of placard or on orange strip next to placard.
  • Marine pollutant sign

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